About Qotouf Gulf Trading

We started our work in 2022 in the field of machines and equipment related to the industry and package of food stuff, and had specialized in the equipment and olive oil materials, filling, and packaging. This profession is taken from our grandparents, and it provided us with long years of experience.

This helped us to acquire agencies of many prominent Italian companies in the Middle East after long searches and studies for the best sources of machines, equipment, and materials characterized with high qualities and competitive prices.

Now, we perform technical studies and integrated projects for olive oil factories.

Also by our hard working and continuous research we could find the best resources of the production lines and complete factories for the food drinks, juices, and the mineral water.

Based on our continuous and long search, we could be able to select the best sources of production lines and integrated systems for the factories of food drinks, juices and mineral water.


The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.

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