The new range of BORELLI group is the evidence that you can have both.

While designing it we kept in mind a difficult yet stimulating target.

In fact, it was not easy improving a product already reliable, a product leader of the market since it had been chosen with satisfaction by thousands of customers all over the world and not only for the excellent value for price.


was established in Canelli in 1998, as a branch of Enos, a company that has been in the market since 1976.

Armando Scagliola, technical designer and inventor.

And Enzo Faccio, a technician specialised in the installation and testing of labeling machines with 30 years’ experience.


Cartoon Boxing Machine

Cosmapack International S.r.l. started its activity in 1979 and since then has specialized more and more in the packaging field. Cosmapack's people love their job and day after day succeeds in satisfying all their customer's needs.

Spadoni Filters

Established in 1951 as one of the first manufacturer of filters for the filtration of liquids has been constantly solicited from the development and the creativeness of a team of selected collaborators who allow the company to be attested with a large number of registered patents.

Cai S.R.L Storage Tank

Passion and respect for the product are the trump cards that enable us to build dedicated olive processing tanks. CAI is provides ideal answer for all producers requiring special, personalized and dedicated design to meet every specific need.

Isolcell Nitrogen generator

We believe that it is important to devote part of our resources to research & development. Our success has been built on this philosophy. We are now at the forefront in the field of technological development thanks to the quality of our production processes and to our ability to find the best solution in order to satisfy our customers’ needs.


FAPIM Aluminum Caps

For over 50 years FAPIM  has been producing  screw caps, special closures and assembled droppers for  glass and plastic bottles and containers.

CNP Italian company specialised in PVC capsules.


Laboratory analyzes

Steroglass is a company operating on a global level in the chemical, biotechnological and pharmaceutical fields. Headquartered in Perugia, Italy and fully owned by Stefano and Roberto Falocci.


Since its foundation over 75 years ago, FILTROX has collected a lot of experience and knowledge in microfiltration of liquids. The FILTROX Academy offers for instance filtration training, courses, customized seminars and audits. Whether it is general filtration know-how, application problems or the optimization of your filtration processes, our filtration training provide a suitable platform to get to the bottom of your concerns. So, we look forward to sharing our application and filtration know-how with you. – Services – Application consulting

Alfa Laval

. The leading manufacturer of olive oil presses

Şimşek Ambalaj

Tin Cans

Simsek Ambalaj produces tin cans for the sectors of mainly edible oil, aerosols, paints and chemicals, lubricants and etc. with its high-technology equipped factory established in the area of 34.000 m² of which 24.000 m² is closed in Izmir Cigli Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone.

Metal Packaging

The ASA Group has worked in the sector of metal packaging since 1961, the year in which ASA San Marino was founded.

The group has expanded in Europe with a bold and significant series of takeovers and start-ups, and now comprises a pool of companies capable of offering truly innovative solutions of outstanding quality.


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